Nicola Mazzanti (D.j. Nicholas), is a famous italian Trance dj. He starting to buying the first Techno music since 1989 and on 1991 he smashed into the House music playing in few clubs of his town. The passion for House music ride on him for about 4 years, he played in many famous clubs in Italy and produced House music in some italian Label.

In November 1995 participated with a few friends to one of the first Italian Parties-Rave and he fall in love with Goa Trance music leaving the House music scene. In 1996 he started to play in the Italian Goa Trance scene. On 2000 start producing the first Goa Trance track with the project name "Flashback", and played for the first time in an international party in Austria, where also OFORIA played.

In 2001 after having being part to big Trance festivals like (Solipse, Boom festival, Voov Experience, Samothraki,...), he decided to open the first italian Label Magma Records, promoting young artist producers. In September he released the first Magma Rec. compilation "Eruption" compiled by him and where has been realized his first track under the name "Flashback", and he organized also a Label/CD party, still again in the mind of many people ! From 2001 to 2012 he released much Magma cd's productions and played in parties around Europe, where was appreciate and know on the international scene. From the 2013 started to promote new artist talents on the progressive styles direction expecially. He already getting great feedback around the globe, and the artists inside the team working hard to make killer sound, and they had big resonance on the psy movement.

On the 2017 year he will arrange specially dj set and starting a new project psy progressive style, more to following !


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