Shyisma is the progressive trance project by Dj El├Ča, born in Bologna (Italy). Elia joined psy trance world in 2001 and in 2003 he started to play as dj and work as party organizer. In 2005 he founded "Shyisma" with Diego Ferri, with which the project continues until 2013.

A long the years the duo has released many tracks with music Iono-music, YSE and more know labels. On 2014 Elia decided to continue the project without Diego, enjoing Magma artists team and release the first Shyisma album "Colors". During these years Shyisma played in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Denmark, Hungary, Croatia and Mexico.

In July 2016 during the first tour in Mexico, he played at one of the biggest festivals "ATMOSPHERE XII" by OMMIX . After the second Mexico tour on December 2016, Shyisma is ready for make the new album !...Out on 2017 the new album "Contact" ! Stay tuned !


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