TEXOLA is Hakan Özmen, originally from Turkey but resident in Switzerland. Just like a butterfly that wanders and spreads his wings, so did Texola fly by coincidence to his current DJing career. Coming from a different angle into the music creation world Hakan started to work in a sound a lighting company since he was 16 years old. In the past years he worked with the most know organization in Switzerland called "Happy People Productions" and also like dj promoter for IONO Music label unitl now that enjoy MAGMA artists Team. Being close to mixers and turntables was a fantastic way to acquire all the necessary skills to become a proper dj, but something was missing. Not long after he wanted to be his own boss and opened his own company, till this day. This is the reason why unlike other artists you can find Texola toying with his own equipment, called Laser Graphics. His Sun DJ set is perhaps the most accurate one, as the those warm colourful moment when the sun is starting to surface above the ground and spread its rays of light. It is exactly this magical moment that Texola’s creation blends with the dance floor and sweep people with him into a different dimension where they are reborn and find their inner peace. What happens when a Texola flaps its sonic wings on one side of the earth? A turbulence of atomic particles flow in a chaotic manner and create irreversible addiction in sporadic places across the land....that wherever you are, you should be prepared to be swept away by his magical sounds.


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